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Here is a link to my Storybook project: 3001 Ramayanas 

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  1. Hi Hannah!
    First off, I really like the aesthetic of your website! I think the home page picture is really nice and the introduction banner picture ties in well with the ring concept in the introduction. I also think the idea of creating your own Ramayana adventure is really fun and great way to make the audience feel like they are experiencing the story. I’m a bit confused about what happened to Visvamitra after Lakshmana opened the door for him. He seemed eager to talk to Rama, but then he isn’t brought up again after Lakshmana opens the door. I’m also wondering if Visvamitra basically planned Lakshmana’s death by threatening him to open door, ultimately leading to his fatal punishment? I'm confused about where Hanuman goes after he can’t find Rama’s ring or does he gets eaten by the King of Spirits? It says he left, but a bit of clarification about where would be helpful! Anyways, I’m interested to see how you make the storybook interactive for the reader and I’m looking forward to reading the first story!

  2. Hannah,

    I think the concept that you go into in your introduction for your project is one of the more interesting ones. The idea that time is cyclical, and that all events that happen have happened before and will continue to happen forever is so cool. I like how you correlate this idea to the fact that Rama has been reincarnated multiple times, and how there is a Ramayana for each one. Being told in different ways every time, but having the same main idea. I'm doing my project over karma, which has a lot to do with choices and paths taken. Your intro has given me ideas on how to use Karma as ways to explore the Ramayana in different ways! Apart from that, I think you told a great story that I really enjoyed! I'm definitely going to read the original story and see if I can use it for my karma project storybook!



  3. Hi Hannah!
    Your story introduction was absolutely intriguing! I really loved the story format of the first part, then the objective explanation of cyclical time in Eastern cultures and the Ramayanas. Your idea of having the reader create their own Ramayana with choices is really cool as well; I’ll definitely be bookmarking your project! The only editorial note I have for you was a concurrency issue with the sentence “While Hanuman was away looking for the ring…” In the previous paragraph, you had described Hanuman as captured, mocked, and placed on a platter. It was a little bit of a mental jump from “oh he’s in trouble” to “ah he’s still fine and looking for the ring.” Though I acknowledge Rama thought he was still out looking for the ring, the readers know better so I’d recommend some segue that acknowledges his situation, like “While Hanuman feared for his life/was stuck on a platter/was brought before the King”…y’know, something like that. Outstanding work, and I can’t wait to read more!

  4. Hi Hannah! The first thing that struck me about your storybook was the title - I had to read more when I saw "3001 Ramayanas." I thought your intro was good at establishing the idea behind the storybook. I found the author's note really helpful as well and I think it will be exciting to incorporate a choose your own adventure into the storybook. Will we be part of the adventure in the first person, as if we are making the decisions as a character in the 3001st Ramayana, or will we be choosing the path that Lava and Kusa take through this story? Also, are you going to use Twine to make your stories, or will you make a bunch of google sites pages that are hidden so we can explore the different paths in the storybooks? I am looking forward to seeing what you do with this, and it's a really good concept


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