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Week 7 Story: Survivor - Amba is Back

Author's Note: So I am a big fan of the TV show Survivor and seeing the name Amba in the Mahabharata made me think of the most famous couple from the show Boston Rob and his wife Amber Brkich. Rob has a very thick Boston accent and to immitate his voice via text messages to my mom I always spell his wife's name "Amba". So this had to happen, a survivor episode whose plot as been derived from the story of Amba in the Mahabharata. If you have never seen Survivor here is what you need to know: a group of people live on an island together with limited resources for 39 days, someone is voted out every few days at tribal council and at the end the people who have been voted out pick one of the remaining players to win. 

Season 40: Episode 10 | Amba is Back

Host Jeff Probst: Previously on.. SURVIVOR. At tribal council on night 3, Amber looked to Tyson and Kim to help her stay on the island but in the end they sided with Sandra and Amber was voted out. She waited 32 days on t…

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