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Famous Last Words: Looking Forward and Embracing Challenges

Well, this assignment should give me enough points to finish up this class for the semester. I've mainly been concentrating on finishing my project the last few weeks and I may still revise my final story even though I don't really need to points wise. I found it really difficult to decide what I was going to write about for my final story because I wasn't really sure I could find something else to write about that I would feel as good about as my other storybook stories. I am really pleased with the way the project turned out. Maybe even more pleased than I was with my Hate Mail Storybook from last semester.

Looking forward in my other classes. I have a presentation to give and quite a few papers to write but I can almost taste the end. This is a really weird time to graduate and lots of things are still really unclear about what happens next. Even as I've started to figure out that I want to help people through non-profit work and have started applying to graduate sc…

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